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How do I add new heads?

In order to upload new heads, you must first select a Starring You video to 'Share.’

You can choose one here:

Once you have selected a video, click 'Personalize' and 'Create New Head.’

Here are some tips for creating a head from a photo you uploaded:

- Use the slider buttons on the right side to adjust the size and rotation of the head in your picture.
- Click and drag the circles and triangles around the head to adjust how much of the head shows.
- Double-click just outside the head line and it will add another set of points so you can fine-tune even more.

Please make sure the image you are uploading is either a JPG or PNG file and that it is under 3 MB (3,000 KB) in size. Also, make sure your pop-up blocker is turned off; a new window should be appearing when you click the 'Upload Image' button.

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