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How do I get my video download on my iPod or iPhone?

Your video download is now available in MP4 format to easily transfer to your iPod, iPad or iPhone.  When you receive your email from JibJab with your download links, you will see the option to download the original Mpeg file or to download an iPhone version or MP4.  

Once you have downloaded the MP4 file to your desktop you can then move it in to your iTunes (on your computer):

1.Open iTunes

2.Click ‘File’ > ‘Add File to Library’

3.Find and select the video file and then click the ‘Open’ button

4. Your movie will then be added and you can find it in the ‘Movies’ section in your ‘Library’

If you are a subscriber of iTunes Match, this movie file should now be easily accessible on your mobile device.

If you are not a subscriber of iTunes Match, then additional steps are needed; Please follow the steps below on 'syncing' the download to your phone:

1. Plug in you your mobile device to your computer. Click on the 'iPhone' tab.

2. Check 'Sync Movies.'

3. Check the box next to your 'JibJab Order.'

4. Click 'Sync' button and wait until the syncing process is finished.


6. Your download will now be found in the Video App on your iPhone.