Why does my account reflect a 'free' membership when I have already paid?

If you have already paid for an account and are being asked to pay again, chances are, you are currently accessing a free account (linked to Facebook) that is separate from the paid account. You'll know you are accessing a free account if it says 'Upgrade' in the upper right. The solution is to remove the free account first so you can log back in to your paid membership.

Please follow the steps below on how to remove the free account (linked to Facebook) from our site: 

1. Hover over your name to pull up the drop-down menu. Click on "My Info".

2. Select "Facebook Connect" from the list.

3. Click "unlink Facebook account." 

4. Click on the the "Unlink Facebook Account" at the very bottom. You will be logged out of the account.

5. Now that you are signed off the site and the free account has been removed, please clear cache/cookies from your browser before you try to log back in. Please review this link for instructions that apply to your specific browser:http://www.google.com/support/accounts/bin/answer.py?answer=32050

6. Now you can log back in to JibJab the regular way, using your JibJab email and password. Do not click on the Facebook icon to log in. 

7. You now have successfully logged in to the paid account once you see "Hi, [name]" in the upper right corner (no Facebook profile photo appears).




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