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Why aren't my recipients receiving my eCards?

If your eCards are not being received, that's a real shame. It's usually due to one of three main issues:

1) The notification emails are being blocked by your friend's spam filter.
2) The provider of the email address to which you are sending is blocking emails from JibJab (like AOL)
3) If you are a Gmail user, the card may have ended up in the inbox under the 'Promotions' tab or in the 'All Mail' folder.

The best solution in these cases is to email a link to your eCard from your personal email account.
You can do this easily by copying and pasting the URL located next to it on your 'My eCards' page:

Another option is to send the card to your own email address and then forward that on to your friend.
Be sure to add '' to your list of safe senders before you resend.






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