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What is the difference between a JibJab account and a Paid Membership?

In order to personalize and send certain Sendables eCards, you will need to purchase a Membership.

With a Membership, you can:

  • Get access to exclusive eCards & videos!
  • Make unlimited Starring You! movies
  • Share unlimited JibJab Sendables eCards
  • Get discounts on digital downloads
  • Be the first to know about new releases
  • Support great artists!

To purchase - or learn more about - Memberships, you'll first need to become a free member of JibJab by clicking the 'Become a Member' link in the upper right of any Sendables page.

One you are a member, click the 'Upgrade Account' link at the top of any Sendables page and you'll see the Membership pricing.



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