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How much does a JibJab membership cost?


JibJab offers a free account or a paid Premium Membership.

Free account holders have limited access to customize, view, send, or download eCards and videos from

The cost for a year-long JibJab Premium Membership is $18.00 per year and provides access to our entire library of 1,600+ eCards and videos.That breaks down to $1.50/month, but we only bill yearly.

If you purchase 4 or more paper cards per year, a JibJab membership can save you money!

Please note: a JibJab Premium Membership also provides unlimited access to our JibJab iOS and Android apps!



We offer downloads of our free-to-make eCards and videos for $4.99 each to free account holders; however, downloads of premium eCards or videos are not available to free account holders unless a Premium Member has sent them the eCard or video.

Downloads of the eCards and videos for Premium Members is discounted to $1.99 ($3.00 savings per download).

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