How do I cancel my JibJab Membership?

If you have had your Membership for less than 30 days, and are not entirely satisfied by it, you may cancel it for a full refund. To cancel your Membership and request a refund, please call us at (888) 959-1297. Make sure to mention in your voicemail that you are requesting a refund and include the email address associated with JibJab. If you are unsure of the email address we will also need to know the full name on your credit card along with the charge date.

If you would like to cancel your Membership auto renewal, please log in to your paid account first. Click 'my account' and then go to 'My Info.' Click on 'Membership' and you will be able to 'Edit Auto-Renewal Subscription' here (If you do not see the link to 'Edit Auto-Renewal Subscription, then you have already successfully shut off your auto-renewal or are on a 3 month trial).

Once you have canceled your auto-renewal, your Membership will expire on the end date and your account will not be charged again.

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